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Web Design Company
The full range of web development services

Surf Pacific was one of the first commercial web development companies, starting life in London back in 1995. At this time we were primarily servicing luxury brands and clients from the film/television industry.  Since inception, we have pioneered the market-leading 360 Digital Marketing Solutions, which is used by a global roster of clients from a diverse array of industries, to drive new business and eliminate dependence on ineffective traditional media. If you are a 360 Digital Marketing member, we’ve got all of your web development needs covered.

Years of experience and a large multi-disciplined team means we can offer the full range of web development services to produce great work that engages your audience and keeps them connected to your brand. We are specialists when it comes to managing the entire website lifecycle. From research and strategy, through design and development to ongoing support.

  • Powering Effective Design
    Audience-Centric Design

    We believe there is a link between great design and commercial success. And we are passionate about all styles of design. But mostly our appreciation is with clean, elegant and user-friendly design, because that’s the style that proves to work most effectively on the web.

    Our audience-centric design philosophy means a harmony must exist between function and it appearing aesthetically pleasing. At Surf Pacific we practice a collaborative approach with designers who work closely with your Strategy Directors, and create very directly for your defined business goals.

    Design is never for us, or even for our client, it’s always made with your target audience of customers in mind. It’s this user experience that makes the difference between good digital design and great digital design that can achieve quite phenomenal results.

  • Prioritise your goals

    Your Strategy Director will take time to get to know your goals and your customers, before making these understood by every team member responsible for your website development.

  • Identify for high-profile customers first

    Not all customers are equal. Our focus is on high value groups, first. What excites them most? This discovery involves examining how your most successful offline customer relationships unfold.

  • Save time and money

    Audience-centric web design is delivering an empathetic, functional and stylish experience for customers. This deeper attention to detail also means the design will be around for much longer, which in turn saves further expenditure for extensive future web development work.

  • Intuitive user design

    The fact our team work on dozens of projects at any one time has residual benefit for you, as it means they have a firm grasp on exactly what will work. Ultimately it improves the empathy and intuitiveness of your website.

  • Different yet appropriate

    To create a truly differentiated web experience, aesthetically and functionally, we benchmark the efforts of your competitors. We also spend time identifying the nuances of what’s appropriate for your industry, and create a balance between the two.

  • Benefit from return visitors

    Making a website sticky and getting visitors to return doesn’t involve loading it with features and apps, we find it’s more a question of good design coupled with a sound follow-up strategy.

  • Meet Customers Anywhere
    Responsive Site Development

    Your digital marketing has to be just as accessible on a phone or a tablet as it is on a desktop or television.  To ensure your website is future proofed it must be responsive, which means it is built to be all-device-friendly. So if you invest in a site now, it’ll work with all the devices the audience could possibly use to access it, not just this year, but next year and the year after that, too.

    Responsive sites have a longer shelf life than anything seen on the web to date. Contact your friendly team at Surf Pacific for examples of our latest responsive sites portfolio.

  • The future is mobile

    This year ‘mobile web’ has taken over ‘desktop web’ usage. Both are still used by your potential customers. Responsive sites give us the opportunity to serve both groups. Tablet users too.

  • Reach your full audience potential

    Responsive sites allow us to reach your widest audience possible, regardless of whether they find your business from their iPhone, tablet, work computer or even home television.

  • State-of-the-art design

    Until now, responsive sites have been the luxury of the world’s most well-known brands. Surf Pacific is changing that with its state-of-the-art and proven responsive design platforms.

  • Clever ‘transformer’ development

    A responsive site is like having four sites in one. From biggest to smallest: one for large TV’s, one for standard desktop computers, one for small laptops and tablets and one for mobile devices.

  • Google Analytics

    A responsive site integrated with Google Analytics will show you which devices your prospects and customers are using, giving grounded insight into these areas for future improvement.

    A responsive site integrated with Google Analytics will show you which devices your prospects and customers are using, giving grounded insight into these areas for future improvement.

  • Improve Customer Experience
    Built-in Apps

    Surf Pacific only integrates features and apps to your site to improve the overall online customer experience. Features and apps that come as standard will most often include things like: feedback surveys, live chat, call tracking and recording, email subscription facility, social media integration, content management system, customised forms, bookmarking and friend referral apps.

    If a particular feature doesn’t promise to add value by better engaging or understanding customers, increasing conversions, making your site more shareable or memorable then it’s unlikely we’ll add or create it.

  • Engage with storytelling

    People find facts useful, but it’s stories that sell. We use storytelling to attract the right people, engage them for longer, educate them when necessary and propose a compelling offer in the third act.

  • Easy-to-update with Surf Pacific CMS

    Every Surf Pacific site comes standard with our easy-to-use Content Management System, which allows clients to update certain areas of their website or social media at the click of a button.

  • Sales orientated through the latest techniques

    Our sites are built to be sales-orientated. Over the past 18 years we’ve continuously refined clever ways of ‘what to say’, ‘how to say it’ and ‘when to ask for it’.

  • Shareable through social media apps

    We give your customers the right social sharing tools, at exactly the right time, to discuss articles, videos and useful pieces of information from your website with their friends and associates.

  • Measureable through Surf Pacific Intelligence

    Surf Pacific Intelligence allows you to track incoming phone calls from your website. This delivers 100% transparency and total accountability. It means more patients at a lower cost per-acquisition.

  • Improved through Google Analytics

    Your Strategy Director will regularly review the behaviors of people who come into contact with your website, in pursuit of refining and optimising their web experience to create an unequalled experience.

  • Get Into Your Customers’ Pocket
    Mobile Web

    Mobile is a revolution, and it’s growing daily. We build mobile friendly sites designed to engage your audience and make interactions with your brand seamless, fun and secure.  Achieving high conversion rates gets the lion’s share of our attention.

    Mobile is essential, but it must be integrated seamlessly with your website and other digital marketing activities.  The distinction between the two mediums is fading as each day passes, and so most strategies will include at least a website and a mobile version of it, as well as all of the other social and marketing activities that your 360 Digital Marketing membership has to offer.  It’s a connected world after all.

  • Mobile engagement experience

    Create engaging mobile experiences that provide a positive response, attract mobile customers, and deliver greater service to existing customers – not just be part of the App Store.

    Create engaging mobile experiences that provide a positive response, attract mobile customers, and deliver greater service to existing customers – not just be part of the Aapp Sstore.

  • Impulsive buying behavior

    Mobile internet is a huge opportunity for interacting with users on a more personal level that can lead to impulsive buying decisions.

  • Capitalise on a growth opportunity

    Connect with your users wherever and whenever is most convenient to them, as smartphone sales have outnumbered sales of the humble PC since the end of 2010.

  • Apps and features that power sales

    Drive greater exposure and focus to your product or service and develop your offering around the features put in place by an iPhone or other mobile devices.

  • Mobile reporting for refinement

    Receive real-time analytics, including call tracking and recording to learn what your prospect user behaviors are really like – and how to serve them in the future.

  • Sell Through Innovation

    Through the creation of many audience centric ecommerce sites, Surf Pacific has gained a deep knowledge and useful insight into why customers buy online and what makes for a successful digital store experience.

    Once your ecommerce store is built we engage in regular strategy meetings to generate new ideas, review sales outcomes and find areas where transformational value can be added to improve interactions, boost transactions and out-innovate the competition.

  • Digital Store Design

    Surf Pacific have has the in-house talent and experience to create audience centric shopping experiences that are well designed, functional and instill confidence to consumers.

  • Effective Store Architecture

    We borrow from the best when it comes to digital store architecture. Whether your online store sells one service or a catalogue of products, we can customise an architecture that your customers will choose to spend time with.

  • Secure Payments & Shipping Customisation

    Do you need to be pointed in the right direction when it comes to the most reliable online merchant facilities, domestic and international shipping options? We can help.

  • CMS & Product Maintenance

    Our digital stores are created to be simple, intuitive to use and with full training available. This ensures the back-end fulfillment of products or services is easy, once an order hits your inbox.

  • Affiliate Program Management

    We’re experts at helping companies who want to establish a multi-tiered, commission-based, affiliate network of distributors or sales agents. And giving them the tools they need to be successful.

  • Comprehensive Sales Reporting

    Our back-end shopping cart system features comprehensive sales and procurement reporting tools that can be fully customised to give you the numbers you need to know.

  • For Instant Results
    Email Marketing

    Email marketing gets instant results. 360 Digital Marketing makes it easy to attract and qualify new subscribers, send them beautiful email newsletters and see stunning reports on the results. You can count the open-rates, shareability and conversions, and even work out your return on investment.

    Our email designers will create new content and collaborate on email campaigns that fit your brand at any time of the year, all in pursuit of turning prospects into real customers. At Surf Pacific we regularly implement highly effective, tightly-focused email marketing campaigns covering company-wide promotions, limited geographic areas, and niche markets.  And as your strategies evolve, so will your email marketing campaigns.

  • Build quality lists

    360 Digital Marketing changes the dynamic:, from needing to constantly advertise for new customers to relationship marketing andto ever-growing lists of interested prospects who engage with your website and social media.

  • Instant sales results

    Email newsletters and SMS alerts to your ever-growing email marketing lists can provide instant leads that can be followed up depending on how those customers engage with you.

  • Encourage active prospects to buy

    Sometimes a prospect needs a gentle push in the right direction. Email marketing gives us tools to first identify who these hot prospects are and the soft-sell approach to make this happen.

  • Upsell, downsell, cross-sell

    Based on analytical data of you’re your customers past habits, we can create newsletters and alerts that are targeted to certain groups of customers in the most effective way possible.

  • Engage word-of-mouth activity

    Visually stunning newsletters that correctly engage opt-in audiences have the latitude to be shared with friends and associates, widening the net of your referred business.

  • Measure with precision

    Every time you send a campaign we provide a beautiful set of real-time reports allowing you to see who opened it, what they were interested in, who they shared it with and much more.

  • Be Positioned as a Leader

    For SEO, our currency is giving our members an edge that’s difficult for competitors to imitate and gain any advantage over, because it positions them as an absolute leader in their industry.

    Over 85% of consumers search for local businesses online. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the process of affecting the visibility of your site in a search engine’s ‘natural’ or un-paid (‘organic’) results. As part of your 360 Digital Marketing service we specialise in out-optimising your competitors to earn first page, number one positions for every search that will drive new relationships to your business.

    Web Design Company

    For more information on how Surf Pacific develops responsive websites on the WordPress platform as part of an integrated marketing solution, please click here to email us.

  • SEO versus SEM?

    For every 12 people who make a search on Google, only 1 will use the paid ads (SEM), the remaining eleven people will visit ‘organic’ information listings (SEO) to find what they’re seeking.

  • SEO that reflects your business goals

    By having people who truly understand your business and goals working on your Search Engine Optimisation Surf Pacific can unlock unparalleled value for its members.

  • Competitor benchmarking audit

    Surf Pacific’s precision benchmarking starts with our analysts running three industry-leading metrics, which with mathematical certainty show us where your site is positioned on in relation to your competitors.

  • Enterprise-grade SEO methodology

    Surf Pacific use the same calibre of SEO as used by some of the world’s largest organisations, who have each demonstrated remarkable, sustained and dominant results on Google.

  • Be positioned as the leader

    For SEO, our currency is giving our members an edge that’s difficult for competitors to imitate and gain any advantage over, because it positions them as an absolute leader in their industry.

  • Stay current with Google’s changes

    Google regularly make changes to its core algorithms. Left unchecked, these adjustments can send your traffic down and impact negatively on sales. Members receive Google Warranty as part of their priority service, guaranteeing their online marketing is 100% compliant at all times.

  • Total Google mastery

    The tools at our disposal include: Google Maps, Reviews, Images, Places, Mobile, and of course, the pursuit of listings everywhere relevant on the search engine itself. The technique of how we dominate each one is where Surf Pacific’s expertise lies.