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Social Media Agency
Customers all talk

Regardless of age or socio-economic status, your customers are routinely on social media. For most, social networking is the number one daily activity for communication. Being active in the social media space is critical for any business of any size, because there is no better source for getting customer referrals online. Yet many successful business owners and entrepreneurs shudder at the thought of having to maintain several social media accounts on a daily basis.

With your 360 Digital Marketing membership, we manage social media for you, so you don’t have to.

  • A Unified Brand Message
    Which platform is right for my business?

    Brand coherency across dozens of social media platforms. Customers socialise on many different platforms. Facebook has over 955 million monthly users, Twitter has 107 million accounts and LinkedIn boasts 63 million members. Since 2005, social media activity has grown by a staggering 715% and it’s showing no signs of slowing down. So should a business use Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube, Tumblr, Pinterest or a Blog?

    Each social media platform has potential for any business to solicit feedback, build new customer relationships, improve experiences and generate a healthy stream of word-of-mouth business. So rather than selectively choose one or two platforms, we create our members branded accounts on all of the popular platforms. From here Surf Pacific’s proprietary technology takes over. This allows our team to manage all social media distribution from one destination. This not only minimises mistakes, it also ensures brand coherency across all platforms at all times.

  • Social Media Strategy & Winning Techniques
    What can social media deliver?

    Your dedicated Strategy Director will create an optimal social media strategy around your individual goals and objectives. Social media will often be used to reinforce other areas of your 360 Digital Marketing, such as Content Marketing and SEO. Whether you need to develop consumer advocacy, outreach to new customers or B2B clients, improve service, capture data, get feedback, drive revenue or connect people with your promotions, Surf Pacific will deploy the strategy and techniques.

  • New Social Content Created, Daily
    Who will create and update my social media?

    Our content creation team, working in conjunction with your dedicated Strategy Director, will strategically update your social media with relevant posts and articles. Having someone with knowledge of your business ensures no rules are violated and any guidelines pertaining to your field of expertise have been carefully considered.

    If a potential customer has a question or wants to talk to someone, they’re encouraged to contact your business via phone or through your website. In other words, while we maintain your social media on a daily basis, our team never get out of their depth by engaging a customer in sales discussion.

    Social Media Agency

    For more information on how Surf Pacific integrates social media marketing as part of your overall online marketing strategy, please click here to contact us today.

  • Social Media is About Being Social
    Experts at strategic outreach marketing

    Social media is all about engagement. Because of this, it is the perfect tool for outreach marketing efforts. Outreach marketing is the discipline of finding individuals or organisations that have a shared interest in what you or your company has to offer. Surf Pacific are leaders in creating outreach marketing, through social media, that has a high response factor. This is defined as the incentive for the user to respond and engage in a dialogue with your business. This strategy is perfect for putting a personal touch on a brand and creating a strong two-way relationship where your website becomes the ‘talking point’.