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Enterprise Level SEO Company
Why is Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) important for my Business?

Over 85% of consumers search for local businesses online. Googling has become a ubiquitous part of our daily lives. Make a search, or ask Google a question, and expect to find exactly what you’re looking for on the first page of results. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the process of affecting the visibility of your site in a search engine’s ‘natural’ or un-paid (‘organic’) results.

Your competitors will be vying to be found on the same searches, and some will already be ahead of you. The challenge is to out-optimise your competitors to earn first page, number one positions for every search that will benefit your real-life business results.

  • Get the Ultimate SEO Edge Over Your Competitors
    How will I beat my competitors?

    So what would dominance on Google do for your business? Quite simply, it would change your life and lives of everyone around you. That’s why SEO is the bedrock of our exclusive 360 Digital Marketing service. Surf Pacific’s currency is giving our exclusive members an edge that’s difficult for competitors to imitate and gain any advantage over.

  • Gain the Edge

    Many firms in our business talk about experience and having an edge as if they were the same thing. We think ‘experience’ says you showed up and tried, whereas an ‘edge’ is undoubted. It means you can deliver every time. It’s a certain way of doing things – that is unequalled. Our edge is that we use the same calibre of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) for our 360 Digital Marketing members as is used by some of the world’s largest organisations with the deepest pockets, who have each demonstrated remarkable, sustained and dominant results on Google.

  • Benefit from enterprise-level SEO methodology that’s unrivalled

    Surf Pacific’s enterprise-level methodology has been forged in fire for over a decade and successfully used for hundreds of companies, from local businesses to international brands. Now exclusively a part of 360 Digital Marketing, our enterprise SEO can position you as an absolute leader within your industry and put you in front of the right customers 24/7, 365 days a year.

  • Precision Benchmarking
    How does successful SEO happen?

    Effective SEO begins by benchmarking your competitors. By first understanding how your optimisation compares to all your competitors is critical for putting our enterprise-level methodology to effective use for your company. Our analysts will complete three industry-leading metrics across your industry. Each one details with mathematical certainty where your site is positioned on Google in context to your competitors.

    This can be a distressing process for many business owners and entrepreneurs as oftentimes companies who you wouldn’t even count as being an authentic competitor are the ones leading the way – so in the eyes of a consumer you’re more or less equal.

  • Know Where You Stand

    The benchmarking process also reveals the efforts each individual competitor has taken to attract their most coveted Google positions over the past five years. Armed with this standard of intelligence provides our experts with a clear plan of how we can attract these positions for your business instead and trump their efforts in each instance.

  • Deploying the Right SEO Tools for Your Business
    What other tools are used as part of SEO?

    Dominance on Google begins by assuming the role of a leader. And every marketing action that’s taken must demonstrate leadership. That’s why 360 Digital Marketing covers all aspects.

    By having people who develop a deep understanding of your business, working on your Search Engine Optimisation, Surf Pacific delivers unparalleled value. The SEO tools at our disposal include: Google Maps, Reviews, Images, Places, Mobile and Google+. Beyond Google, attention is also paid to Yahoo! and Microsoft Bing.

  • Be Seen Where it Matters
    What key word searchers will my business get found under?

    Be found under two categories of searches:

    Surf Pacific’s focus is to get you found for hundreds of the most sophisticated keyword searches made by your customers. This category is known as ‘long-tail’ searches. For example, a long-tail search in the field of Dentistry might be: “What are the advantages of dental implants instead of dentures?”. A prospect who makes a search like this is educating him/herself on this specific treatment, and almost asking Google a ‘buy now’ question.

  • Accommodating All Internet Users

    Long-tail searches are often a better source of ‘qualified’ potential customers. The visitors generated by long-tail searches are considerably less than ‘citation’ searches (e.g. “Dentist Sydney”), so for this reason we focus on attracting hundreds of them. We equally focus on citation searches (the second category), to cover both ends of the buying spectrum and drive the maximum amount of new customers looking at any particular time.

  • Reaching Your Goals Monthly
    How much time will I have to commit to SEO?

    Your Google strategy must reflect your goals. Trust one-on-one, personalised service is the foundation of 360 Digital Marketing. In a brief meeting each month with your dedicated Strategy Director; they will listen to your goals, anticipate what will help achieve them on Google and co-ordinate with in-house expert marketing teams for you. A key objective of theirs is ensuring your Google strategy is a mirror reflection of what you want to achieve at any given time. This means you’ll be marketed correctly online and receive the flow of new customers you desire.

  • Keeping With the Time
    What happens if Google make changes that affect my SEO?

    In the past, Google has regularly updated and made changes to its core algorithms. Simply put, this is behind-the-scenes coding governing how the search engine profiles its results. If your SEO is neglected, Google’s changes can have a negative impact on your traffic and sales. As you’d expect, the 360 Digital Marketing service has the latitude to change the second it’s required to do so.

  • Keeping Your Site Google-proof
    When Google makes changes, it’s essential to change with them

    Members receive Google Warranty as part of their priority service, guaranteeing their online marketing is 100% compliant at all times. In addition to this bi-monthly service checks are carried out to Google proof your site aesthetics, communication, page load speeds, key messaging, and every other component that correlates to your SEO performance.

    SEO Company

    Looking for a transparent SEO company that show transform your website traffic into revenue? Click here to contact Surf Pacific for more information on our Enterprise-grade SEO platform for your business.