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Branding Agency
We create brands and offer fully integrated brand communications

Our creative currency is helping you stand out, no matter how crowded or commoditised your marketplace may be. When we work with you, our objective is to improve your reputation, stay relevant with your existing customers and create a powerful allure that makes you irresistible to new customers. We achieve this for 360 Digital Marketing members because of our talented in-house design team, led by your Strategy Director, who will develop a deep understanding of your business needs. Regardless of how big your challenge is, we will creatively work it out together – and deliver an intelligent, creative solution that lasts.

Our creative solutions leave no stone unturned when it comes to communicating the visual and verbal language that’s apt for your business. From the logo design, typography, colour palette, peripheral imagery and graphics through to how your brand walks and talks.

  • Designing Success
    Brand Strategy

    Behind every success story is a carefully planned and executed brand strategy. And this is what we do for our members. Create brand strategy that elevates their position in the marketplace, makes them feel better about themselves, win new customers, and retain the customers they want to keep.

    We start the process by getting an understanding of who you are, what you do, how you got here and where you want to go. Your dedicated Strategy Director will take the time to find out what makes you unique, learn about your line of business, your customers and your competitors. Then we re-position you at the heart of all this with a newly created brand designed to powerfully resonate with the people who touch it.

  • Brand Storytelling

    Through the art of storytelling, we are able to define what a brand is all about, who it’s made for, and then effectively communicate why it’s so special.

  • Competitor Analysis

    Know with confidence where your brand sits in relation to your real competitors and their product and service offerings – and how yours is different.

  • Brand Positioning

    To own a truly effective brand, its positioning must underpin your business strategy to align behaviour right across your organisation, however wide or niche.

  • Brand Language

    The right brand language doesn’t just get people’s heads nodding, it gets their toes tapping too. We create a distinct tone of voice for our clients’ brands.

  • Naming

    The right brand name aims to last for 50 years and be apt for today’s environment. Choosing a name is about knowing what will enter the brain quickly and stay there for longer.

  • Rebranding

    Not usually the right thing to do, as brands often need a subtle visual refresh. But if it is, we take a considered approach and can breathe new life into a new brand.

  • Engage & Attract the Right Audience
    Logo & Brand Identity

    What do people think of your current brand, logo or three-word strap line? Brands are not what you say they are. They are what your customers say they are. We help companies master this customer perception and leave the right impression. At Surf Pacific we believe if you want to attract the right people to your business, you must first be attractive to them.

    Your brand, and the logo that symbolises it, is the sum of many parts working in unison – colour, illustration, tone of voice, typography design and style. We work closely with our members to find sources of customers, and then through brand identity creation, our creative team devise a visual identity that meets their needs and appeals to them.

  • Logo Creation

    Your logo must embody who you are and what you represent. We create logos with your defined brand values in mind, so that it’s instantly recognisable and easily recalled.

  • Print Identity Design

    Whether it’s brochures, business cards, or corporate literature – it has a definite job to do and must be completely in-sync with the prospect who encounters it.

  • Digital Identity Design

    We use insight and human engagement as two clear signposts to create compelling digital identity design that give us the stage to breathe new life into your brand.

  • Corporate Brand Guidelines

    Deliver consistency for your brand investment far into the future by defining a set of guidelines for everyone to follow in the initial phase following brand creation.

  • Brand Communications

    Whether it’s a grant application or investor prospectus, communications that are flawlessly designed and effectively planned makes for more durable branding.

  • Brand Environments

    Your environment, whether it’s a retail store or a waiting room, is where your brand can truly engage your audience. Messages can transform to experiences. Promises can become truth.

  • Connect on an Emotional Level

    We create advertising for small businesses. In every instance, the effectiveness of their ad is the only thing that justifies the investment. Because of this, our attitude is honed to getting sales results first, second and third. Contrary to the opinion of many advertising people who wax sour about long-term brand awareness, we don’t think the need to sell hinders the aesthetic or verbal quality of an ad. In fact, we think the opposite; emotional connections and catalysing behavioural change only happens this way.

    Surf Pacific’s trademark for the last 19 years has been the delivery of world-class creative advertising and defining the messages our clients want to convey in a way that sets them apart from their competitors.

  • Shareability

    Do people feel the urge to share your ad with friends or associates? Does your advertising encourage and incentivise them to do so? Our advertising often does this.

  • Sales Focus

    All of our ad content starts life this way: imagine an invisible due-diligence timeline starting from where you are now and ending with a successful transaction…

  • Coherent Brand Architecture

    The brand style of your ad will be defined as part of your overall brand strategy to ensure consistency and eliminate the risk of your brand being undermined.

  • Original Photography

    We can offer low pricing to dozens of photographers who our clients work with on a regular basis. Each shoot to communicate with what your ad is verbally saying.

  • Stock Photography Acquisition

    Get inspired by over ten thousand new, high-resolution photographs and illustrations within our royalty-free stock photo bank. With new photos being added daily.

  • Calls-to-Action

    Our sales methodology for ad creation moves through four phases: Invite, Engage, Educate and Offer. The last tenant is the most important. It can mean the difference between 3 calls or 30 calls when handled effectively.

  • Inspire with Print Media
    Product literature

    If it’s product literature you’re after, Surf Pacific is the right place. Our team of Graphic Designers, Copywriters and Print Production Managers, working in collaboration with your Strategy Director, have the skills and experience to create tactile product literature that conveys emotion and meaning that can’t be achieved by digital marketing.

    From information memorandums for property developers to brochures for dentists, through to catalogues for retailers to direct mail solutions for luxury brands, we can provide you with printed product literature that creates engaging responses and strong brand exposure.

  • Audience Analysis

    Understanding the application of your product literature and the unique profile of your target market is the critical first step. Our team make knowing your audience their business.

  • Creative Brand Engagement

    This process is used to share your dreams and vision with customers, inspire them with your values, stimulate conversation and get them talking about you.

  • Print to Mobile Integration

    Integrating printed product literature with the mobile web is the number one strategy used by small businesses for prospect list building, QR contact and SMS offers.

  • Brochure Design

    Brochures are tangible. They possess a certain staying power. And if they’re produced to Surf Pacific’s standards, they can take on a life of their own – passed onto others.

  • Print Production Management

    At Surf Pacific we are proud of our in-house print production expertise and our meticulous eye for detail. We ensure only print work that meets our unusually high standards is ever released to your customers.

  • 360: Mixing Old & New
    Direct Mail

    A precisely tailored, targeted piece of creative direct mail that delivers the right response when it lands on the welcome mat of your potential customer

    From strategy and idea brainstorming through to the creative design and the final printed product, Surf Pacific’s team offers a complete direct mail service that gets the phone ringing and orders flowing.

    Working together with our digital marketing efforts we often integrate direct mail as part of the mix. This is all about driving sales response from new prospects and existing customers. Direct mail can also create positive brand associations in the course of action.

  • Audience Analysis

    Our team will benchmark your target audience: who they are, what they do, and why your product should matter to them. Special attention is paid to demographics and psychographics too.

  • Key Messaging

    This can make the difference between engaging someone totally or turning them off, that’s why this phase commands one third of time for any direct campaign.

  • Direct Response Strategy

    Every campaign we undertake is overseen by your Strategy Director who is focused on maximising response and achieving positive brand associations.

  • Creative Application

    If it can be printed, flicked through, folded, quilted, or pop up, consider it done. Our print production management team can find the right solution for your campaign and at the right price.

  • Response Measurement

    Maximise your ROI with accurate call tracking, call recording and phone analytics. Know with confidence the exact response your direct mail campaign has achieved.

  • Emotion Drives Action
    Digital Design

    Your team at Surf Pacific will create functional and fluid user experiences for your brand online.  Whether it’s a responsive website, email marketing campaign or full-fledged online store, we believe there is an undeniable link between great functional web design and commercial business success. The brands we all love: Aston Martin, Apple, Leica, Disney, Vanity Fair Magazine, all come to us powerfully packaged in a great design. We value design at a premium because we know intuitive, intelligent and emotive design moves us as humans into action.

    We believe successful digital design is not about pretty pixels. It needs to positively alter bottom-line business objectives. These might be more sales, improved conversions, greater loyalty or just a seamless online experience. Built into the fabric of our design team’s philosophy is the understanding that good digital design translates into positive measurable numbers for our clients.

  • Web Design

    Our intelligent web design process involves identifying the type of people who will be engaging with your site and mapping out their journey to the point-of-enquiry and beyond.

  • Email Marketing Design

    We have both the tools and experience to control email campaigns which consistently generate sales and encourage a social dialogue around your brand to occur.

  • Mobile Web Design

    The mobile revolution is happening now. Surf Pacific custom create stunning and intuitive mobile websites, enabling brands to meet new customers like never before.

  • Social Media Design

    Creative social media campaigns can deliver measurable customer interaction around a brand, service launch or event, often with unbelievably far reaching effects.

  • Digital Brochures

    At Surf Pacific, we can help you every step of the way to create a digital brochure that avoids ‘junk mail’ and helps customers spend quality time with your brand.

  • Infographics

    Communicate information clearly by deploying an illustrative approach to charts and diagrams and the visual representation of data.